Power Kits Power Hub

$1,999.00 Exc. Vat

The heart of your Power Kit At the center of your system, Power Hub takes care of all your input and output power. With a 3600W AC output, Power Hub allows you to run all your appliances, from your fridge to air conditioner.

5 components in 1 unit We’ve packed in all the components you need to power your tiny home or van in a compact, space-saving Hub. 

Plug & play With a rolled-back simplistic design, we’ve done most of the hard work for you. Simply plug in your specially designated cables to effortlessly connect each power source and battery. 

Auto-AC outlet There’s no need to wire your mains, simply plug in your appliances directly to the 2400W AC outlet. 

Power Hub is an integral part of your Power Kit. Combining all the major components of a PV system in to one compact power box, Power Hub saves your valuable space, money and setup hassle.  

A space-saving system.

We’ve consolidated all the gear you need for a highly efficient PV system in one handy unit. Inside Power Hub we’ve included two MPPT solar charge controllers, a DC-DC battery charger with MPPT, an inverter charger, and a DC-DC step-down converter. All necessary parts to collect and store energy to power your van or off-grid build. 

Plug and play design.

Designed with plenty of space to plug in storage and various power sources to run your entire cabin for days, with room to expand. All our cables have specially designated plugs, that simply connect to the Power Hub without any need for electrical expertise.


Designed specifically for solar charging, Power Hub allows up to 4800W of solar input when connected to at least one battery. With 3 PV 1600W slots, mix and match between rigid, flexible and portable solar panels. With three pre-installed MPPT solar chargers, you can also use third-party solar panels to charge your batteries.  

4 charging options.

Power Hub offers a total of 6000W input power using a combination of 4 charging methods. Use a blend of solar and generator power for off-grid builds. Throw in additional shore and alternator power for your van setup, so you can recharge your batteries in a matter of hours.


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