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Frequently Asked Questions

As long as you’re using a battery with Wave (Add-on battery, DELTA Max, DELTA Max Extra Battery, DELTA Pro, DELTA Pro Extra Battery)  three charging ways are available: 1. AC charging (500W charging rate). 2. Solar charging (200W charging rate). 3. Car charing (200W charging rate).

While Wave can cool most small to medium sized spaces, 8㎡ is optimal for fast cooling. That’s about the size of a four-man tent. 

1. AC/DC rated power: 460W/410W 2. Maximum cooling capacity: 1200W(4000BTU)

Yes. You can control and even automate operations at a distance using the EcoFlow app. Both Bluetooth and WiFi control are supported.

When connected to AC, th will charge battery pack if operating power is guaranteed; when using power station, if power overload occurs, please disconnect the battery pack. When connecting the solar panel or car charging cable, if input power is not enough to support the operation of compressor, only the fan mode can operate. It is recommended to use the above two charging ways while keeping the power off.

To charge the add-on battery, it must be connected with Wave. 

Use the DELTA Max Extra Battery Cable to directly connect to Wave. 

The shipment of DELTA Pro/DELTA Max(2000) will be scheduled once they are in stock. The shipment of AC/AC extra battery/accessories will be scheduled in late June for customers who place orders before June 13th. For customers who place orders between June 14th and July 12th, the AC/AC extra battery/accessories will arrive in late July.

While Wave does not have an internal battery, you can use its 1008Wh add-on battery, or use EcoFlow Max/Pro as a DC power source. Alternatively, you can plug it in directly to a wall outlet.

It depends on the battery you choose to use:  Wave add-on battery: 3 hours DELTA Max: 5-6 hours DELTA Pro: 12 hours Note: Assumes average power consumption of 300W per hour for Wave under 26° with the lowest volume of air

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